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  MECPS East Coast Ocean of Soul and The Motion of the Ocean


Working hard is most essential

To develop our band to its potential

Thinking inferiour we set aside

By thinking superior we develop pride

They will see that pride as we pass them by

For each proud person has their head held high

We strive for perfection as much as we can

And believe and love for our marching band

And yes we are the almigty SMU

I thought you knew!

Written By. Willey Pyfrom, alumni of the FAMU Marching 100. 

Solid Gold Mom's Enjoying ATL

Our 2010 National High Stepping Championship's Division 4A Competition Show.

The Soldiers are back, bigger and better than ever! 

The All Star Marching Band

The James Smooth Music & Leadership Institute All Star Marching Band is one of only three predominantly African-American marching bands in the state of New York, and one of only two high school marching bands in New York City. This marching band was started in February of 2008 with a band of beginners, which lacked musical experience. The lack of musical experience has yet to hold the band back, as the band has performed at numerous parades and competitions throughout the region; earning top honors at every event entered.





The JSMLI All-Star Band nick named the SMU, has numerous awards and recommendations; however its musical performance was recently recognized at Howard University’s Homecoming Parade. There are several things that make this band unique, its pride, discipline, showmanship and performance. This 95 piece show style; high-stepping unit is 2 years old.

 The band wears traditional blue, white, and gold band uniforms. The uniforms incorporate the use of a gold and white reversible parade cape, personalized shoulder shells, spats, reversible blue to white gloves, a military inspired shako, and all weather white flowing plumes made of Mylar. Every part of the uniform is uniquely designed and put together to make the band performance very regal, and eye catching.                 



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